How does a skin tightening treatment work?

Radiofrequency skin tightening gently warms your skin’s surface and deeper layers to precise temperatures, promoting collagen production and cell turnover to tighten and tone. It treats facial fine lines, cellulite, signs of aging, or sagging facial tissue. This quick and comfortable RF skin tightening procedure is skillfully administered using a handheld precision energy delivery instrument. This allows targeting of smaller, contoured areas such as the face, neck and jawline, under eye  bags, buttocks, and more.
Although the TempSure™ Envi delivers radio-frequency energy at a high temperature, patients report that the treatment is almost entirely painless and compare it to the feeling of receiving a hot stone massage. Your body responds to the heat generated by the device by sending growth factor hormones to the dermis, improving skin tone and producing new collagen. As a dual benefit, the heat from the TempSure™ Envi device causes your existing collagen to contract, which instantly improves skin tone.

After Treatment

You’re able to go home immediately following treatment. There may be a little redness, which is to be expected given the high temperatures used during the treatment, though this should be mild and should fade on its own within a day or so.
Results should be visible straight away — you may notice a healthy glow and instantly tighter-looking skin. Individual results will vary, but this improvement to skin tone should keep improving over a few weeks.